Producer, Composer, Sound Designer, Performer & Teacher

Patrick creates music and sounds to life, and also to movies. He composes original music for himself and produces highly customized music, beats, loops, and samples directly for clients and International licensing companies. He also plays in lives and shows, in a range of analog and digital formats, performing solo, as part of Boiz House and with Inquiry Collective.

Patrick's musical performances have evolved into a groovy fusion of piano and decks, house, bass and experimental jazz, layered with environmentals and foley, all designed to enhance your journey.

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Pat Pak Volume 1 Foley Loops & Percs. A fresh collection of 20 killer loops, plus 50 percussion samples. Take a listen to sounds that'll take your next track in a new direction.

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House Of Malley is Patrick's new expression of house and beats, and he's creating and performing constantly, often with other producers, including Inquiry Collective, and as a member of Boiz House.


ZENSEIII is a unique fusion of the sounds of every-day life and complex electro-symphonic scores that blur the lines between music and the sound of the Universe itself. ZENSEIII is self-realization, the expansion of consciousness, and the unfathomable depths of the Universe both within and without ourselves. Connected ~ Universal ~ Breath


HIP HOP / TRAP / RAP Producer Performer MYSTRO (aka Maestro Beats) has created a huge range of original beats, composing, sampling, recording, mixing, mastering (and branding and cover art) for himself, BG GooD, S.O.K.G., Jah Blue, Nate Brady, DDiamond, Zero, T.J. Cross and others while presenting live hip hop, trap, and electronic shows.