MYSTRO Beats have rocked the rhymes of hometown 414 hip hop, trap & rap artists throughout high school and beyond. For years MYSTRO constantly crafted original concept-to-master music in a mind bending range of styles, while producing studio vocals and album art.

MYSTRO Music exudes a sexy trap swing, driven by a blend of analog acoustic with custom electronic synths. And this core amor flows seamlessly into the "Full Step" Future Bass groove of his alter ego ZENSEIII.

Based in LA, MYSTRO continuously creates; collaborating with artists on the West Coast and back in the Heartland, always looking to create cool tracks with cool talent.

Check out his Stream to see his stage presence in show videos, and feel his musical range across EPs, Beats From The 414, many singles and much more.


99 Original Beats On The Wall, 99 MYSTRO Beats. Groove to over 8 Hours Of MYSTRO Originals! A MYSTRO Originals Stream with many available to license. Or, MYSTRO can produce your next master, complete with art & branding. Sign up free to stream 99 Beats For 99 Days. Or, just check out this sample EP below.