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Agile Solutions & Coaching

James provides agile solutions and coaching to startups, businesses and individuals, including artists, musicians, technicians, business owners, doctors and a federal judge.

The custom solutions and guidance each person, team or business requires are unique and James explores, challenges and empowers through a process of precise questions and answers that define clear objectives and the key results that measure progress and success in any business or personal endeavor.

He has extensive experience in the technical and creative elements that comprise online media platforms, including web hosting, AWS cloud storage, servers, media streaming, email and content delivery.

James speaks native English and fluent Brazilian Portuguese, and has worked as translator, interpreter, copy editor, and public speaking performance coach for film and event productions, international communications and conference lectures by Brazilian legal and medical experts.

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James works with stakeholders to define project objectives and measurable key results. He collaborates with teams, specialists and vendors to define required resources, skills and time frames to create realistic budgets with reliable project life cycles. He is currently expanding his agile project skills toward certified Project Owner (ISPO) and Scrum Master (ISM).

After years learning all areas of media creation, James began to direct. He wanted to make the real-time decisions that many hesitate to make when confronted with obstacles or changes. Thorough planning and risk assessment is his mantra, but when things change in the real world, he embraces instinct backed by experience to inform the new possibilities, share options with stakeholders, then make decisions and take action. Always Agile.

A seasoned storyteller, James has also produced, directed, shot and edited award-winning live action film, animation and visual effects for advertising, corporate communication, cinema, live events, music videos, rich media, out-of-home and special installations.

James applies his 35 years of prep through post production experience working with a wide range of creative artists from music, theater, tv and movie celebrities, to professional athletes, corporate executives, real people, animals and kids.

He has shot on the water, in the water, in the air, on studio and chroma key sets and, as preferred, mostly on location, but always on time.

His most recent feature film credit was as Supervising Producer on the critically acclaimed 'Antes que eu me Esqueça' a Brazilian independent film.

James delivers turn-key creation through distribution production services, but also works as a freelancer with other production companies, artists and clients. Many of them are young producers looking for expert solutions and technical support, and James can fill several positions, or work only as producer, director of photography or editor, and his experience with chroma key capture, media formats and production through post workflows, helps creators constantly.

His calm, cool, collaborative style and endless flow of solutions always promotes a positive production experience regardless of budget and tools.

James edits in 4K with Adobe Premiere and is proficient in Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, and an expert in Media Encoder compression.

He began his career in film as assistant editor on 35mm film using KEM and Steenbeck flatbed tables. James handled lab orders, dailies breakdown, syncing takes, managing trim bins and assisting through final edit, audio mix and master, film conform and final color-correction. He has edited and supervised hundreds of projects for a wide range of clients, and loves the fast pace of production and the real-time creative demands when producing great work, with a great team.

James has extensive experience with MAC and PC computers, having built or customized numerous hybrid edit workstations, wired and wireless networks, servers, configuration, media upload and download, current and legacy media formats and conversion, media archiving (Local storage, LTO, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, WeTransfer), Amazon SES, S3, and Cloudfront Administration, audio/video media HLS encryption and emerging streaming technologies (file based, live and 360VR) and both film and digital post production pipelines.

Artist and photographer since childhood, James first learned film camera techniques, darkroom processing and printing while in sixth grade.

He later transitioned to digital photography and raw hi-res image sequence capture for time lapse film shots.

Always looking for the beauty that surrounds us, he constantly captures landscape, portrait, and time lapse images, and shoots live event and movie production stills.

James successfully completed the All-around SEO course!