James Patrick O'Malley

Constantly collaborative, James has supervised or supported hundreds of projects for a wide range of creators, entertainers, corporate clients, ad agencies and production companies throughout the US, Brazil and Holland. He loves the fast pace of live-action production and the constant problem solving and decision making required to produce great work with a great big team, or as solo or micro crew filmmaker.

Always agile, his lifetime expertise goes beyond leading teams to collaborate on complex projects, to his broad experience in a wide range of disciplines and essential life skills that directly impact the tangible and emotional outcome of every personal and creative endeavor.

This convergence of experience and philosophy is also the genesis of MIOStream which James created to empower Creators to improve their lives, focus on their dreams and constantly create more, to entertain and truly engage their fans, in a positive loop of love that grows, free of distractions, so they can live their dreams and love their life.