Joe O'Malley

Musician, Producer, Singer, Songwriter

Growing up in a home with a Classical Pianist, I started fooling around with music at a young age; singing, trumpet, guitar, piano. But I didn't really commit myself to this road until I was about 40, when I realized that music is in my blood and bones.

So I started Spirit Hand; an acoustic Folk/Rock/Jazz band. We played (and laughed and cried) for 12 years until it was time to move on, but those years I spent with 5 quality people solidified my desire and heart to make as much music as I can for as long as I can.

For the next phase of my musical journey I focused on bringing the fruits of my writing and composing to life, which point to my deep love for old school Rock'n Roll and the Blues.

With a little help from my friends I've vastly improved my singing and playing and who I am as a man; I can't thank my teachers enough. I'm still having fun, too!

I'm married to a lovely woman named Melinda who's been my steadfast supporter, and have 2 wonderful and talented kids, Dax and Kaylee.


I've been playing solo all of my life and now I'm sharing my musical emotions with all of my fans.


Rock n' Roll's in my Blood n' Bones and I love playing classics with my band brothers.